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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today I was a Stalker....

....of the mailman and the UPS driver!

I'm sure my fellow fluffy mamas out there understand.  You ordered a diaper and your tracking says "Out for Delivery" and you want it NOW!?!  That was me today.  Except it wasn't just a diaper today.  It was a diaper AND a diaper bag.

On Friday I bought A an "Addison" diaper from Little Fancy Pants on Hyena Cart.  LFPs are hybrid fitteds made by a WAHM.  She lets her customers name new prints.  I named this particular one for A and was lucky enough to get the diaper I wanted at the stocking.  When 20 diapers sell out in less than two seconds, this is quite a feat!  Well, to my surprise, I checked the tracking last night and saw it was already in town!  Super fast for first class mail on a holiday weekend.

So today, I sat upstairs and watched for the mailman around the time he normally comes.  He was a bit late today.  I saw him coming! Up the wrong side of the street!  So I had to wait.  And once he came, I ran to that mailbox as fast as I could (thankfully, A was napping).  The diaper is so pretty!  Here is A with her new diaper on the bum!

The second piece of mail is actually a birthday present from an amazing friend.  I've wanted a decent diaper bag for quite a while.  JuJuBe discontinued the Be Hip and she bought me one!  Unfortunately, I had no clue when to expect the UPS driver so stalking him was a bit harder.  It was "Out for Delivery" at 6 AM this morning!  Ugh, the suspense was killing me.  But it finally came around 5:15 and I am SOO excited to check out my new bag!  I'm sure there will be a review to come soon, but so far, I am loving it.

So today I was a stalker.  But the suspense is part of what makes fluffy mail oh so fun!

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