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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Hey it's that time of year again.  The time of year when everyone (okay, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people) set goals for the new year.  We set goals such as losing weight, paying off debt, being more green.  The sad thing is that a lot of people don't acheive their goals.  Well, we're getting ready to start a new year and I'm going to set some new goals and hope that this year, I can acheive them

Goal Number 1: Write in my blog

Yup, that's on my list.  I started this blog for a reason.  Because I like talking about ways to be green.  Namely, I love cloth diapers and talking to other people about them.  And I want to share the love with other people.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  So I've made it my goal to write often and write well.  I appreciate any and all feedback.  Something you want me to write about?  Just tell me!

Goal Number 2: Get Bunny's Fluffy Bum going

At the suggestion of a WAHM, I started a Facebook page for the fleece soakers I'd been making for my friends.  I've sold a few once in a while.  The truth is, I would love to be a WAHM.  I'd be able to see a lot more of my baby girl that way and do something I enjoy.  I'm currently making some fitteds for a friend and have had another ask me to do the same.  I'd love to get the materials I need and make some fitteds for testers to add them to my lineup as well.  I'd also like to get the official liscensing and such needed to run an online store and hope to do that in the very near future.  If you feel so inclined, please feel free to check it out at

Goal Number 3: Be More Green

I'm always hoping to find little ways to make a difference.  So I'd like to find at least three ways to be more green this year.  Last year I started using cloth diapers and wipes, making my own cleaning supplies, and using a Lunette cup and mama cloth.  This year I would like to switch myself to family cloth fulltime (I don't have enough wipes right now), switch over to unpaper towels (I got some for Christmas!), and start using greener hair and skin care items.  And of course, all of these changes will give me something to write about!

Goal Number 4: Lose Weight

Yup, this is the one that so many people set as a goal and so many fail to do.  I've been overweight for a lot of my life and it's not the example I want to set for my baby girl.  So I would really like to get back into a healthy weight range this year.  I would love to lose about 60 pounds, but I'm going to start with the more obtainable goal of 20 pounds.

If one of your goals this year is going green, I hope I can help you take some baby steps towards doing it.  If there is anything you would like to see me write about, let me know!  I am open to suggestions!  Happy New Year!  What are your goals this year?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Product Review: SeatPak

I recently won the 10,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway for Bundles & Buzz.  I wasn't 100% sure I would like the item I won until it came to my apartment and opened the package.  What did I win?  I won a brown SeatPak.  Please let me apologize in advance.  Blogger is not properly uploading my images so they look funny.  The  SeatPak is actually a chocolate brown solid with tan piping.

What's a SeatPak?  Essentially, it's a mini diaper bag for when you only want to bring a few essentials with you.  It circular about 9 1/2 inches across and three inches deep. It was made by a mom who was tired of carrying an infant seat and a diaper bag for quick trips.  So she reduced the number of items she had to bring with by creating the SeatPak.  It has two sets of hook and loop straps on the back as well as an adjustable strap with hooks on each end.  Using either of these methods you can attach it to the handle of your infant seat or to your stroller.

Beacuse of it's size, I didn't think the SeatPak could hold that much when I first looked at it.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I was able to fit inside.  The front is a perfect pouch for Mommy's cell phone.  Inside, the main compartment, I was able to fit a cloth diaper, small wetbag, wipes, small spray bottle for the wipes, a rolled up receiving blanket, my wallet, a 9 ounce Avent bottle and a small baggie of snacks.  Wow!  I did not expect to fit it all in!

I was really surprised.  My daughter is not in an infant seat anymore, but this would have been very nice to have on hand when she was.  And the fact that it comes in neutral colors of black or brown means it will match almost any design out there.  And best of all, they retail for only $29.99 at  And right now, get them for even less!  They are currently on sale for $19.99!!

**I received my SeatPak in a giveaway.  I was not provided compensation for this post.  All opinions are strictly my own.