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Friday, August 26, 2016

I'm back...

Hey!  Long time, no see.  Or no write, I guess. I know, I know, it's been years.  Literally.  Well, I'm back.  Why?  Because I miss writing.  Because a few friends have suggested I blog about my sewing projects  And because it's a great way for me to share what I've been doing with someone other than my two littles.

Two littles?  That's right!  There's a second one!  A is now almost 5!  FIVE!!!  Where did the time go?  She's starting K4 next week and is just so excited.  She absolutely loved K3 last year. We recently took a trip to Chicago where she bought Lea, the Girl of the Year from American Girl.  Just like I did as a child, she paid for her own doll.  She saved her birthday and holiday money, as well as the money she received for doing her chores.  I still have Kirsten from when I was a girl, so we spend some time playing together with our dolls while her brother naps.

Bug is 14 months.  He is a ball of energy, but also the best little snuggler.  He loves to climb and since he started walking, he just doesn't seem to stop.  We, of course, are cloth diapering him.  In fact, I made about 75% of his newborn diapers and some of the ones he wears now.  He has never worn a disposable diaper and I intend to keep it that way. We have also found the love of wool pants and diaper covers with him.  I might talk about some of our favorite brands in a later post.  After Bug was born, I developed some gall bladder issues.  I'll get into that more in a bit. In the photo on the right, Bug is sporting an outfit I made him.  We were chosen to spam some fabric that was going to be custom printed by Max & Meena, but sadly, the round was canceled due to low orders.  My husband really appreciated that print since he was in the Army Reserves for nine years.

Speaking of my husband....he's a truck driver now.  He hauls motorcycles around the country and is gone a lot.  It's stressful and lonely having him gone all the time.  Sometimes I feel like I never get to speak to adults anymore.  That's one of the reasons why I decided to start up this blog again.  Even if I'm not physically talking to adults, at least I'm writing to them.

Another reason I'm starting again is so that I can document my journey following my son's birth.  About two months after Bug was born, I found out that I was having gall bladder attacks.  I actually started having them soon after birth, but didn't realize that was what it was.  I did end up having it removed because it was causing other problems as well.  Ever since then, I haven't been able to eat the same.  You read about people having problems with spicy and greasy foods.  Greasy foods are not the best, but the main place I seem to struggle with...grains.  So at the beginning of this year, I started eating mostly Paleo.  I already avoid most dairy because I'm lactose intolerant.  I struggle.  I'm not perfect.  But when I do well and follow the Paleo "diet," I feel great.  We have both of the Against All Grain books and plan to buy the third one when it comes out.  Actually, I need to pre-order it so I have it ASAP.  Really, we follow a modified Paleo diet because we are Isagenix users as well.  But between the two systems, my body feels better than it has in a long time. 

So what should you expect?  Will I post every day?  Probably not.  Will I try?  Yep.  What kind of articles will you see?  You will see posts about my family, no doubt.  You will see posts about my sewing projects, my eco-friendly recipes and experiments.  You will see posts about some of the Paleo foods I've been eating.  Maybe a bit about my weight loss journey that I'm embarking on.  Some of everything.  This is me.  This is my life. 

Later on, you'll see a post about an amazing new sewing pattern that's coming out.  I was lucky enough to be a tester for it and have some awesome photos of A sporting the new clothes I made her.  I'm off for now!   I will be back later!