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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Road to Cloth...

Unlike many families who start out using cloth diapers, we were not one of them.  When I was pregnant, I saw an advertisement for gDiapers while surfing a baby website.  They seemed so interesting to me and I loved the fact that I could use disposable or cloth inserts.  I thought that because of the disposable option, I might be able to convince my husband to use cloth diapers.  I was met with a great big "No way.  Gross.  We are not using cloth diapers."

Fast forward to the birth of our baby.  While my husband loves our daughter, he does not love changing diapers.  I guess I don't blame him.  Changing disposable diapers really isn't fun.  He will only change diapers when he is the only person home with Addie.  If anyone else is home and she needs to be changed, he hands her off.

When Addie was five months old, I added up how much money we had spent on disposable diapers.  It was over $300.  And we didn't even buy all of them ourselves!  It just felt so wrong throwing all of that money into the landfill.  So I started researching cloth diapers.  I found a couple of websites that did diaper trials.  Since my mom watches Addie while we work, I ran the idea by her.  She was hesitant but was willing to give it a try.

After about a week or so of researching, I decided to order an organic day pack of Flips, 3 stay dry inserts, an Econobum pack, and some Rockin Green detergent.  I ordered from Cotton Babies because of their 30 day trial period and free shipping.  And I didn't tell my husband until after I placed the order.  Because he barely changes any diapers, I wasn't too worried about his opinion.  If he didn't want to use them, he could use the disposables.

Almost as soon as I received my diapers, I fell in love.  Not with the Econobum so much, but with the Flips.  I soon ordered more and needless to say, I think I am addicted to Fluff.  They are so much softer than disposables, and while a bit bulkier, I would much rather have cotton on my bum than plastic.  I think my daughter would probably agree if she could talk.  I also feel better about not throwing so much into the landfill and love how cute Addie is with her fluffy bum.  My mom and husband are also on board and the disposable diapers we had left are rarely used.

 So that's how we started our cloth diaper journey.  What prompted you to cloth diaper? 


  1. It's great to hear about someone trying this! I think I want to do cloth diapers when I have children...

  2. With all of the new types of cloth diapers out there, it is so easy! It can be almost as easy as disposables, depending on which type of diaper you choose to use. And it will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you use them on more than one child.