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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: BumGenius 4.0 Pockets

Addie at about 6 months in an Eiffel Tower from the Artist Series
My first cloth diaper review!  The first group of diapers I purchased were from CottonBabies.  This was mostly due to their 30 day money back guarantee since I was concerned about the transition from disposables to cloth.  The first pocket diaper I came into contact with was their 4.0s and I have found that I really do like pockets for their convenience.  They are great diapers for people who are considering using cloth, but don't want to lose the convenience that disposable diapers give them.

BumGenius 4.0s are a One-Size pocket diaper that is listed to fit from 7-35 pounds and up. The front of the diaper snaps down to adjust the rise for a small, medium, or large setting.  They come with both a one-size microfiber insert that is three layers as well as a two-layer newborn microfiber insert. The inner of the diaper is suede cloth and there is flap covering the back of the pocket, so your baby won't  be exposed to any PUL from the outer.  They currently come in 15 colors and 2 prints in both Aplix (hook & loop) or Snap options.

Pros: The one-size insert has a snap down setting on it to adjust for the different lengths.  There are small, medium, and large settings.  The small makes it the same length as the newborn insert.  It is a bit difficult to see the snaps, but a photo of the newborn and one size insert is to the right.  The snaps are on the bottom of portion of the insert in the picture shown.  I love that the insert snaps down because I don't have to worry about it unfolding while stuffing the diaper or putting it on.

These diapers fit my daughter very well.  With the one-size insert, these are pretty trim diapers.  This was important to me since I used disposables until my daughter was about five months old.

The variety of colors.  There are enough colors for you to have one to match just about any outfit.

The snaps on these diapers are pretty strong.  I do not have problems with the snaps on the rise setting coming undone like I do on other one-size diapers I own.

The pocket on these diapers is fairly wide and they are easy to stuff.  The PUL is not as sticky as other diapers, which adds to the ease.

Cons: The aplix on these diapers is not super strong and fuzzies get stuck in it fairly easily.  While the diaper does have laundry tabs, they are only useful while your aplix stays put.  These diapers have been used for about 3 months and the aplix needs to be cleaned out or replaced already. 

My only other complaint is also about the aplix.  I wished it matched the diaper.  It's not a huge deal, but matching aplix just makes the diapers look a bit nicer.

Overall, I really like these diapers.  They are not too expensive and fit my daughter very well.  With the one-size insert they are fairly trim, as you can see in the Dazzle Addie is wearing (on right, 7 months).   With all of the other insert options available, you can customize the diaper to fit your needs.  I enjoy these diapers and would not mind adding a few more to my stash.

***These diapers were purchased by me and not provided free for this review.  I am not affiliated in any way with CottonBabies and wrote this review for informational purpose of my readers only***

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