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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A New Stage Begins...

...Potty Learning.  Yes, I said it.

A is not quite 21 months (she will be 21 months a week from today) and has gone potty on her potty twice since yesterday afternoon.  Okay I know it's only twice, but that's still pretty good considering she was scared of it a few weeks ago.

Yesterday she surprised me by refusing to let me put a new diaper on and asking for her potty instead.  Within a minute, she peed in her potty!  I was so proud of her!  This morning, she woke up with a dry diaper.  That's never happened before.  She asked for her potty and did both within a few minutes!

So I guess I'm on the hunt for trainers!  I have two right now and a few more on the way.  I am hoping to be able to make quite a few of them for her.  I have the pattern and have made one for a friend, but need to pick up some more materials. 

This is an exciting time.  I guess I should be glad that she is starting to potty learn when it's summer, so we can do dresses or shirts and not worry about pulling pants up and down too.  It is bittersweet though, because as you know, I am addicted to cloth diapers.

If you have a little one who is potty learning or has already potty learned, what were your favorite cloth trainers?  So far I love the Blueberry trainer we have.  It's so soft and it surprised me when it held a whole pee without leaking when I have heard they are not very absorbent from others.  I am looking forward to this experience and fully intend to post reviews of all the trainers we try!

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