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Saturday, March 16, 2013


 I love cloth diapers.  It would be really hard for me to pick a favorite.  I've tried quite a few different brands and styles of diapers.  My recent favorites are fitteds.  They let A's bum breathe and you can get a lot of really cute prints that are not available on PUL diapers.  Whenever we're home, I always reach for my fitteds first lately.  I use a few different brands.  Here's what they are and pictures of them on A. I love fitteds coverless, can you tell?

First up is the tried and true Mother Ease One-Size fitted.  This is a regular cotton terry that I dyed with Dylon - color - Bahama Blue.  They fit fairly trim and are quite inexpensive.  This one has a bamboo insert laid inside.  I have enough MEOS to last about a day.

Next up is a WAHM hybrid fitted, Little Fancy Pants.  Hybrid fitteds are a little bit different than normal fitteds in that they have a layer of polyester fleece underneath the knit or woven outer layer.  This helps push moisture back into the diaper so that the outside of the diaper doesn't feel wet as fast.  My experience is that the area around the leg elastic tends to feel wet before the rest of the diaper.  LFP has a really strong following and all of her diapers sell out within a matter of seconds of them being listed!  I have only scored one of my four from a stocking, the rest were all bought from other people.

A is wearing a size 1 Colored Love LFP in this picture.

Next up is the GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted.  These are a regular fitted again and are made of cotton modal.  They are surprisingly absorbent for how trim they fit.  I only have one Kiwi Pie so far, but I really love it.  I would definitely get more.  I just wish there were a few more options available for prints.

A is wearing a Kiwi Pie fitted in the Ellie Print.

Last but not least....I have been making fitteds!  I think these are some of my most favorites because there is pride in letting your little one wear and show off a diaper that you made!  The ones I have made so far have all been hybrid fitteds and were made using the Rocket Bottoms one-size fitted pattern.  I love the fit of these diapers and the fact that I can customize them to make them look however I want, as far as print goes. 

In the top picture A is wearing a fitted I made out of one of Daddy's holey old shirts (I didn't use the holey part).  It's really nice to have a sentimental diaper!  The bottom one is also one that I made.  Probably one of my favorites so far!  A wore that one to her 18 month check up and her doctor said that if she were still having babies she would have me make all of her diapers!  I was surprised to receive such a complement!

So these are the brands that make up most of my fitted stash.  I also have a few Sbish snapless and OBFs that I use at night.  But since they're night diapers, I don't really have pictures of them on the bum. 

Do you like fitteds? What is your favorite brand?

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